“Laura Tsaggaris: Live at The Atlas”

Laura Tsaggaris
September 26-27 at 8:00 pm

“Live at The Atlas” is inspired by some of the great live albums that shaped Laura Tsaggaris as a songwriter (“Nirvana: Unplugged”, “Ani Difranco: Living in Clip”, “Erykah Badu: Live”, “Fleetwood Mac:  The Dance”).  The focus is acoustic, and it will feature various new arrangements of 15+ songs from her previous full-length albums “Proof”, “Keep Talking”, and “EVERYMAN”.  One new song will be premiered as well.

This is a 2-night event.  The same set will be played both evenings.  The result of these shows will be a recorded album entitled “Laura Tsaggaris: Live at The Atlas”.

 From Laura:

“”Live at The Atlas” will be produced by Grammy nominee Jamie Candiloro (REM, Ryan Adams, The Eagles).  After the success of our partnership on my last record, “EVERYMAN”, we are excited to work together again and come up with something special.  The arrangements will be focused around my voice, my acoustic guitar, and my connection with you.”

 Tickets:  $35.00

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The Electric Pharaoh

Baltimore Rock Opera Society

ElectricPharaoh (2)
October 31, November 1 & 2

The fertile earth that once spread out beneath the great pyramids of ancient Egypt is now home to a futuristic city where scarce electricity is currency and a powerful pharaoh keeps the people divided. Chenzira, a strange boy from the lower crust of society, is searching for the secrets of the pyramids with his companions. What he will find could change his life and rescue humanity from a futuristic dark age.

Set to a synthesis of garage rock and larger-than-life electronic sounds, The Electric Pharaoh is the 6th original feature written and produced by the Baltimore Rock Opera Society (BROS), and the second original show to travel to the DC area. We’re PUMPED to be on the road again!!!


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