Bang On A Can All-Stars

New Music at the Atlas

Bang on a Can
Friday, January 25 at 8:00 pm

In their first performance at the Atlas Performing Arts Center, the Bang on a Can All-Stars bring their polyrhythmic virtuosity and all-world versatility to the stage in a cutting-edge concert celebrating the core Bang on a Can Sound.

The program features an uncategorizable supermix of music from the All-Stars critically acclaimed album Big Beautiful Dark and Scary (Michael Gordon’s shimmering For Madeleine; David Lang’s kaleidoscopic sunray; Julia Wolfe’s blazing Big Beautiful Dark and Scary; Kate Moore’s pulsating Ridgeway) alongside genre-busting works by frequent collaborators Don Byron (Basquiat, Show Him Some Lub) and Thurston Moore (Stroking Piece #1).

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Ashley Bathgate, cello
Robert Black, bass
Vicky Chow, piano
David Cossin, percussion
Carol McGonnell, clarinets
Mark Stewart, electric guitar
Andrew Cotton, sound engineer



David Lang, Sunray
Michael Gordon, For Madeline
Julia Wolfe, Big Beautiful Dark And Scary
Don Byron, Basquiat & Show Him Some Lub
Kate Moore, Ridgeway
Thurston Moore, Stroking Piece #1