Rorschach Theatre

January 17 - February 16, 2014

by Reina Hardy
directed by Lee Liebeskind

β€œIn the empty living room of a shabby apartment, in the dark, a Beast is crying. There is just enough light to see that he is monstrous, and that he is clutching something precious to him.”

Beauty never showed up. The Beast and his remaining magical servant have moved into a shabby apartment near a 7-11, hoping for a lower cost of living and better luck with girls. This fairy tale includes a building manager with a taste for gingerbread and children, spells that come with a price, an eligible maiden, a kidnapping, and a relentlessly cheery lamp that discovers what – and who – must be sacrificed for an ordinary life.

Pay-What-You-Can Previews

Fri Jan 17 8PM
Sat Jan 18 8PM
Sun Jan 19 3PM

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Thu Jan 23 8PM
Fri Jan 24 8PM
Sat Jan 25 8PM
Sun Jan 26 3PM
Thu Jan 30 8PM
Fri Jan 31 8PM
Sat Feb 1 8PM
Sun Feb 2 3PM
Thu Feb 6 8PM
Fri Feb 7 8PM
Sat Feb 8 8PM
Sun Feb 9 3PM
Mon Feb 10 8PM
Thu Feb 13 8PM
Fri Feb 14 8PM
Sat Feb 15 8PM
Sun Feb 16 3PM

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Featuring Natalie Cutcher, Andrew Keller, Lynette Rathnam and Megan Reichelt.
Designed by Robbie Hayes (Set Designer), Lauren Cucarola (Associate Set Designer), Katie McCreary (Lighting Designer), Britney Mongold (Props Designer), Veronica J. Lancaster (Sound Designer) with Jennifer Knight (Assistant Director), Christian Sullivan (Technical Director)
Original Music by Aaron Bliden and Mark Halpern
Produced by Randy Baker and Jenny McConnell Frederick