The Vaclav Havel Project

Alliance for New Music Theatre

September 24 & 25 at 8pm

Alliance for New Music-Theatre presents a double bill of Vaclav Havel‘s Antiwords (based on Audience) and Unveiling, in two radically new stagings of Vaclav Havel’s works that bring out both the laughter and the alienation of Havel’s original voice. This performance is part of HAVEL’S TRILOGY, connected to the “Vanek plays”, as part of the Mutual Inspirations Festival 2013 – Vaclav Havel, celebrating the life and legacy of the former president, playwright, and human rights advocate.  Alliance is proud to be invited as a presenter in this festival, sponsored by the Czech Embassy.

Antiwords received its premiere in Prague earlier this year, produced by the Spitfire Company, which “translated” the play into the language of physical and visual theatre with elements of an improvised clown show. The play, taking place in a brewery in a confrontation between a worker and his manager, features two young women, enormous bronze heads, and spewing beer in this ribald yet terrifying “contest” of masculinity. It was hailed as the most seminal production of Havel since the 1970’s.

Unveiling introduces three characters: a rich bourgeois couple and a dissident playwright, who is visiting his old friends’ reconstructed apartment only to discover they’ve grown worlds apart in a clash of opposite values. The play also receives a fresh take, transporting the work from its specific site and times of Czech society under a repressive totalitarian regime to convey the universal plight of the immigrant facing cultural contradictions.

The central character of Ferdinand Vaněk in both plays, who represents the dramatic alter ego of the playwright himself, observes society around him, enduring painfully funny angst in his alienation. The plays also explore the issues of integrity, morality and responsibility.

Miřenka Čechová, who wowed D.C. audiences last year with her solo work, S/He is Nancy Joe, winning recognition as “Best of Dance 2012” in the Washington Post, serves as co-director and performs in Antiwords and directs Unveiling.

On September 24th and 25th, Antiwords will celebrate its official American debut with Miřenka Čechová and Jindřiška Křivánková in their original roles and Sivan Eldar’s score composed for the production. Sharing the stage at Atlas Performing Arts Center, Čechová’s production of Unveiling will receive its world premiere with performers Susan Galbraith, Lawrence Redmond, and Drew Valins.

The production will be augmented by a special photographic essay exhibit by Oldřich Škácha, a close friend of Havel and photographer who documented closely his life as a dissident.

Adult: $30
Student, Educators, Groups: $20
Seniors: $20 (65+)
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